Homemade Gifts Ideas

Homemade Gift Ideas For That Special Person

Hommead Gift IdeasHomemade things will be the most special presents to get treasured. These kinds of gifts are invaluable, since they involve the true love, and creativeness of the individual, who’s created the gift. Handmade presents are certainly affordable and enjoyable to make.

Food Gifts

Use whichever abilities you’ve got to create something simple and practical. For example, if cooking food is the thing that you’re great at, come up with packages with goods and directions to make a meal or dessert. Homemade gift items inside a jar is a simple and affordable way to make homemade presents !  Be sure that you put some effort in to the presentation. You could find some stunning jars and tins at Target, Pier One or Cost Plus. Add some stunning ribbon and walla!

Giving the gift of homemade beer, wine or infused Vodka. You can find many kits and recipes to make a nice variety of these items. Then the recipients can enjoy them during the Holiday festivities.


Scarves, hats and mittens are very practical for the colder weather if you knit. You can find some fun yarns that make spectacular pieces. If you sew small throw pillows, book bags and pot holders make really nice gifts.

Most women love jewelry and it is rather simple to string beads, crystal and fillers onto a wire and add a clasp. There are many books that give detail instruction for beginners on how to create simple necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Your local bead shop will usually offer classes for beginning stringing. You purchase the materials there and leave with a finished piece.

Another great gift is to make soap at home, lotions and lip balm. You can find receipts online or there are kits that you can order that provide you with ingredients, tubes for the lip balm and instructions. These are wonderful for people with sensitivities to the chemicals many over the counter products have in them.


Most people are fond of memories so I have found some old photos that someone might not of had and had then re-printed and framed for them. Making small scrapbooks of a past Christmas, vacation or special occasion makes a precious gift.

What a great time of year for wreaths. You can make a Christmas one or make it a theme that goes with the recipients home decor. Buy the size of wreath you want to make and add ribbon, flowers, artificial fruit, and ornaments. Different themes to consider: wine, gingerbread, sewing, gardening, and candy cane. Match it to that persons hobby.

There are endless possibilities for homemade gift giving. With a little planning and creativity you will have a gift that will be treasured by friends and family.


Homemade Gift Ideas for Christmas or Any Occasion

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