Sony Home Theater System

Sony theater systemBlu-ray is still considered a fairly new technology and sadly, many home theater systems being made today overlook this important part of new technology, meaning you can’t play Blu-ray on some theater systems. It kind of defeats the purpose in buying the latest in electronics, doesn’t it? But someone was paying attention to the direction the future has been heading because the Sony Home Theater System was created.

With this system, you’ll have the capability to play your Blu-ray discs, no need to run out and buy a separate player like you’d have to do with other systems. And if you’ve got a television that’s made by Sony, you can incorporate the television into your setup as well. You’ll end up with great pitch added to performance and style.

What’s so hot about the Sony Home Theater System? The surround sound means you’ll get the most out of your HD when you get this system. You get HDMI (which stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface).

Remember the old school batch of cables you used to need to get all your stuff set up? Basically what HDMI does is to take the place of the need for all those cables. It’s a common interconnection.

You get a better picture with HDMI. Plus, since it has what’s called active intelligence, that means no more trying to figure out what input you need. The system will do it for you.

The active intelligence allows the system to communicate signals and choose the correct settings. That’s a pretty awesome system. If you have anyone in your family who’s not real good with electronics, this would make a gift that would take all the confusion out of operating a system.

When it comes to speakers in a system, you’re looking for speakers that hand out a clear sound. This system comes with four speakers so you can get that great surround sound ideal you’re hoping to get. You’ll be surprised at how much better you can hear your movies once you get the system set up.

If you have a BRAVIA (Best Resolution Audio Visual Integrated Architecture) you may wonder what it means when you see BRAVIA Sync as one of the features. It means that if you hit play on your system, your television will power up, pick out the right input and within mere seconds, you’re good to go watch the movie – all because you pushed one button on one remote.

If you’re looking to buy a theater system, you’re going to have to look far and wide to find one that will fit in with your décor, your budget and has the high level of technology that’s found in the Sony Home Theater System