Easy Gift Wrapping Those Presents

gift wrapIn today’s society it’s normal to give someone a gift. Part of the gift giving is the presentation of the gift and how nice the wrapping looks. This tells the individual you care enough to take your time and make the present extra special. Most retailers will provide free gift wrapping by showing your receipt. There may be a fee for wrapping gifts when you choose wrapping paper that is not the standard paper they use. Occasionally, during the holiday season you might find some non profit organizations offering a gift wrapping service.

Most people will end up wrapping their own gifts, so it’s best to stock up on gift wrap, bows and scotch tape. The best time to buy Christmas wrapping paper and ribbon is usually after Christmas when it is on sale so to stock up on it for the following year. It’s good to pay attention to the quality of the paper your buying because some can be rather thin and tear very easily.

For fun you can create your own gift wrap by using rolls of plain white or brown paper and then using stamps, paint, markers to make your own designs. This is a great way save money as well. Another neat thing to use for wrapping gifts is fabric. You would wrap just like you would with paper.

Many people use gift bags with tissue paper coming out from the top. The nice thing about gift bags is they can be reused. They come in all sizes and are great for odd shaped gifts. Besides if you’re not good at gift wrapping this makes it much easier.

Let’s not forget about the bows and embellishments that can be added to a present to make it look outstanding. There are so many beautiful bows and fabric ribbons to choose from. With the ribbons you can make your own bows so the possibilities are endless. You can add Christmas ornaments or small stockings that add a nice touch.

Having a specially wrapped gift can be as special as the gift itself for him or  for her. It just all depends how far you want to go with it. Remember though less is more.




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