Best Christmas Gifts for Dogs 2015

Best Christmas Gifts for DogsToday, our four-legged pooch friends are considered part of the family and deserve to have gifts under the tree as much as anyone else. I know my Magic has gifts to play with and gobble up at first chance…LOL.

There are lots of great ideas out there that can make your dog enjoy Christmas just as much as we do.

Personalized beds, collars and clothing, bakery treats and toys are all available online for you to choose from. The year 2015 could really be entitled, “Year of the Dog,” because of all the unique gifts available.

Of course, dogs will always love you whether you get them a gift or not, but check out some of the best ones that you’ll be proud to put in your dogs stocking:

Enjoying Full Puppy Rhinestone Collar Dog Bling Collar

Dog collars are a great way for your pet to make a fashion statement! I think every dog should sport some kind of style wither it be casual or a little more glamorous..LOL

I personally love Rhinestones. The more bling the better.

I wanted to choose a collar for my dog, Magic that looked fashionable and appropriate for a male dog, so I got him the black collar with Rhinestones. It looks perfect against his black coat.

I love that these come in different colors for both male and female dogs of all sizes. Of course, there are tons of other great looking dog collars that too would make a fun gifts for dogs.





Coolest Gifts for Dogs

Best Friends by Sheri OrthoComfort Deep Dish Cuddler

This is really a unique looking bed for the small to medium size dog. They will truly fall in love with it. Already I’m thinking what a comfy place to lie down.

It comes in a number of colors. I prefer the darker colors great for camouflaging the hair. It even looks like a dog paw.

I think a Pet bed makes good gift for your dog. Easily washable is a plus. I want to be able to throw it in the washing machine to get rid of hair and Oder.

I like that it’s overstuffed and made with a ultra-soft and plush material. It looks like it is easy to move from one room to another with your pet still in it.









Clothing – Add a piece of cute clothing to your doggie’s wardrobe. There are outfits such as the red wool hooded dog jacket trimmed in white faux fur. For that perfect party dress, choose the Coco, black and white doggie dress. She’ll be the belle of the ball.

Treats – Gift packages such as the Exclusively Pet Perfect Pooch Gift Pack that includes decorative packaging and includes four packages of assorted cookies that are made with kosher ingredients.

Toys – Fill your favorite canine’s stocking with toys he or she will love – from the sturdy ‘snowballs’ that come with the Planet Toy Orbee-Tuff Snowballs to the cute Kyjen Hide-a-Toy Gingerbread House Puzzle Interactive Dog Toy that lets your dog hide his toys away.

Personalized Items – Teach him to put his toys up after playing with the toy basket personalized with the name of your dog. Personalized clothing and other items are also available online. Most sites provide very low cost personalization if you order ahead of time.

All in One – Give your dog – or as a gift to someone else’s pooch – an all-in-one package of his favorite things such as doggie bones, toys and other items that he’ll love. You might want to choose the “All About Your Pooch!” pet/dog gift basket that will keep Fido busy all Christmas day checking out the stuffed toys, squeaky toys and treats.

It’s so easy to shop and order online. A few clicks will ensure that your choice of a doggie gift gets to its destination on time for Christmas – whether you choose it for your own dog or someone else’s. Look online today for the best doggie gifts ever.


I think every dog should sport some kind of style. I personally love bling and I wanted to to have a collar for my dog Magic that looked fashionable and appropriate for a male dog, so I got him a black collar with Rhinestones.

I love that these come in different colors for both male and female dogs of all sizes. Of course there are tons of other great looking dog collars that too would make a great Christmas gift for dogs.

The History of Christmas Trees


Many people celebrate the holiday, but few know the history of why people have Christmas trees as part of the décor. Having trees as part of Christmas did not begin as an American custom. The practice of setting up a Christmas tree first began as early as the 1500s as a German custom but the idea wasn’t widely accepted in the beginning.

Many areas of Germany didn’t start celebrating the Christmas holidays with a tree until the later part of the 1800s. Overseas, by the first of the 1900s, two classes of people – the wealthy and royalty- started putting up Christmas trees and from there, the tradition was born.

When the first wave of people left their country and came and settled in the New World, many brought with them the tradition of putting up evergreens inside their home and decorating small trees outside the home with whatever treasures nature provided.

Here in America however, the Christmas tree was much slower to catch on. Some people thought the Christmas tree was a symbol associated with Christians, but Christians were not open to the idea of having a tree in the midst of their holiday celebration.

It was regarded with suspicion and religious people believed the tree to be a symbol of paganism even though that belief was incorrect. Because of that belief, many Christians refused to have anything to do with Christmas trees. But slowly, the custom caught on.

Christmas trees first began to be marketed in the United States in the mid 1800s and were also accepted into the White House by the then residing President. Christmas trees were set up in public displays, trimmed with decorations and people were awed by the beauty. Toward the latter part of the 1800s a well known retail store saw the need for artificial trees and began selling them to customers.

In some countries, Winter Solstice heralded the time to set up the Christmas tree-close to the arrival of Christmas day. The first week of January was slated as time to remove the tree and all its trimmings.

Today, the Christmas tree is customarily set up shortly after the Thanksgiving holiday but some families set it up earlier. Taking down the tree is generally still done the first week of January but some families wait until after New Years Day.

This is due to the old wives tale that what you’re doing on January 1, you’ll do all year long. Since taking down the tree is hard work, folks believed that by taking it down then, that meant they would work hard all year long.

Whether the tree is put up after Thanksgiving or taken down after New Year’s Day, this is one custom that is loved and practiced by many. A Christmas tree can add a bright sparkle to your holidays, a well decorated, celebrated finishing touch.


Homemade Gifts Ideas

Homemade Gift Ideas For That Special Person

Hommead Gift IdeasHomemade things will be the most special presents to get treasured. These kinds of gifts are invaluable, since they involve the true love, and creativeness of the individual, who’s created the gift. Handmade presents are certainly affordable and enjoyable to make.

Food Gifts

Use whichever abilities you’ve got to create something simple and practical. For example, if cooking food is the thing that you’re great at, come up with packages with goods and directions to make a meal or dessert. Homemade gift items inside a jar is a simple and affordable way to make homemade presents !  Be sure that you put some effort in to the presentation. You could find some stunning jars and tins at Target, Pier One or Cost Plus. Add some stunning ribbon and walla!

Giving the gift of homemade beer, wine or infused Vodka. You can find many kits and recipes to make a nice variety of these items. Then the recipients can enjoy them during the Holiday festivities.


Scarves, hats and mittens are very practical for the colder weather if you knit. You can find some fun yarns that make spectacular pieces. If you sew small throw pillows, book bags and pot holders make really nice gifts.

Most women love jewelry and it is rather simple to string beads, crystal and fillers onto a wire and add a clasp. There are many books that give detail instruction for beginners on how to create simple necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Your local bead shop will usually offer classes for beginning stringing. You purchase the materials there and leave with a finished piece.

Another great gift is to make soap at home, lotions and lip balm. You can find receipts online or there are kits that you can order that provide you with ingredients, tubes for the lip balm and instructions. These are wonderful for people with sensitivities to the chemicals many over the counter products have in them.


Most people are fond of memories so I have found some old photos that someone might not of had and had then re-printed and framed for them. Making small scrapbooks of a past Christmas, vacation or special occasion makes a precious gift.

What a great time of year for wreaths. You can make a Christmas one or make it a theme that goes with the recipients home decor. Buy the size of wreath you want to make and add ribbon, flowers, artificial fruit, and ornaments. Different themes to consider: wine, gingerbread, sewing, gardening, and candy cane. Match it to that persons hobby.

There are endless possibilities for homemade gift giving. With a little planning and creativity you will have a gift that will be treasured by friends and family.


Homemade Gift Ideas for Christmas or Any Occasion

Easy Gift Wrapping Those Presents

gift wrapIn today’s society it’s normal to give someone a gift. Part of the gift giving is the presentation of the gift and how nice the wrapping looks. This tells the individual you care enough to take your time and make the present extra special. Most retailers will provide free gift wrapping by showing your receipt. There may be a fee for wrapping gifts when you choose wrapping paper that is not the standard paper they use. Occasionally, during the holiday season you might find some non profit organizations offering a gift wrapping service.

Most people will end up wrapping their own gifts, so it’s best to stock up on gift wrap, bows and scotch tape. The best time to buy Christmas wrapping paper and ribbon is usually after Christmas when it is on sale so to stock up on it for the following year. It’s good to pay attention to the quality of the paper your buying because some can be rather thin and tear very easily.

For fun you can create your own gift wrap by using rolls of plain white or brown paper and then using stamps, paint, markers to make your own designs. This is a great way save money as well. Another neat thing to use for wrapping gifts is fabric. You would wrap just like you would with paper.

Many people use gift bags with tissue paper coming out from the top. The nice thing about gift bags is they can be reused. They come in all sizes and are great for odd shaped gifts. Besides if you’re not good at gift wrapping this makes it much easier.

Let’s not forget about the bows and embellishments that can be added to a present to make it look outstanding. There are so many beautiful bows and fabric ribbons to choose from. With the ribbons you can make your own bows so the possibilities are endless. You can add Christmas ornaments or small stockings that add a nice touch.

Having a specially wrapped gift can be as special as the gift itself for him or  for her. It just all depends how far you want to go with it. Remember though less is more.




Christmas Shopping The Day After Thanksgiving

black-fridayThe day after Thanksgiving is commonly referred to as “Black Friday”. This day is traditionally one of the busiest shopping days of the years and for many signifies the first day of Christmas shopping. While the term black Friday was originally used to represent the day in which retailers returned to profitability many who work in the retail industry use this term as a way to describe the crowds and chaos which accompany Christmas shopping on the day after Thanksgiving. Likewise consumers expect significant sales to go along with the large crowds which flock to stores.

For many shopping on the day after Thanksgiving is a tradition which wouldn’t be missed for the world. These individuals look forward to the sales and starting their shopping as a way to get into the Christmas spirit. These individuals can be counted on to arrive before the malls and shopping centers even open to get a great parking spot, to make multiple trips to their cars to drop off packages before returning to the shopping area to make more purchases and to almost literally shop until they drop. These are the individuals retailers count on each year to boost their quarterly earnings and to help them report profitability for the year.

Those who enjoy Christmas shopping on the day after Thanksgiving feel this way for a number of different reasons. Some enjoy shopping on this day for the tremendous sales which are inevitable. Still others enjoy shopping on this day because they like to take things one season as a time and figure now that Thanksgiving is over; it is time to start focusing on Christmas.

There are even others who like shopping on this day for the excellent people watching opportunity the day presents. Whether or not they get any actual shopping done these individuals flock to shopping malls on the day after Thanksgiving because they know there will be tons of other shoppers to observe.

Finally there are those who start their Christmas shopping on the day after Thanksgiving because of a sense of tradition. It is these individuals who have simply always started their Christmas shopping on this day out of habit. Their parents probably started Christmas shopping the day after Thanksgiving and they simply learned this is the day to start Christmas shopping. They will also likely pass on the habit to their own children.

Conversely there are other shoppers who absolutely refuse to step foot inside a mall or shopping center on the day after Thanksgiving. For these shoppers trying to get any shopping done on this day is near impossible. They’re willing to sacrifice the opportunity to buy some items as gifts at excellent sale prices just to avoid the throng of shoppers who swarm the stores on this one particular day.

However, it is important to know that just because these shoppers avoid shopping areas on the day after Thanksgiving does not mean they don’t enjoy great sale prices on the Christmas gifts they purchase. These shoppers may take advantage of sales throughout the year to accomplish their Christmas shopping within their set budget.

There are still others who typically do not do any shopping on the day after Thanksgiving but these individuals do not necessarily avoid the malls and shopping areas on this day either. There are many people who enjoy taking a trip to the local mall or shopping center on the day after Thanksgiving just to enjoy the hustle and bustle the day presents. For these people just walking around and experiencing the excitement around them helps to put them into the holiday spirit.

Whether you are an early Christmas shopper, a last minute Christmas shopper or just a people watcher, you likely understand it is appropriate to expect large crowds in malls and shopping centers on the day after Thanksgiving. It is up to you to decide whether or not you choose to join the shoppers on this hectic day.

Giving Is A Blessing

Christmas Present Christmas brings a new life to the believers. Much before Christmas comes, the mood around the world changes. It is the anticipation of lovely days ahead of giving joy, meeting friends and family and feeling the spirit in the air that changes the most negative person to positive moods. Chistmas makes a person different. The same man, who you never see smiling, laughs during Christmas. That is the festive spirit of Christmas and that is why it is a lovely festival.

The most important part of Christmas is of course celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. Another ritual of Christmas that makes it so special is giving. We send so many cards to friends and family that we lose the count. Similarly giving gifts is very important. Selecting the right gift for everyone, wrapping it lovingly and sending it across, all this is joyful. This joy cannot be described in words.

As I said earlier, it is the giving that is the major reason of happiness. If we look at our moods and behavior, we find that we always derive greater joy in giving compared to receiving. Can we not celebrate this spirit of giving everyday? Can we not get this joy everyday? Can we not make someone happy everyday? We can. With conscious effort, we can do one act a day that makes somebody genuinely happy. Why not carry the spirit of Christmas all the year and enjoy the happiness of giving. One is blessed when one gives. Let us get these blessings round the year.

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